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Are you ready to explore the depths of your being as a creator? If you are, you will enjoy reading THEOism

This book will challenge you to acknowledge and become the master of the universe within.

The premise of THEOism as a lifestyle, not dogma, allows truth to come to the surface when one awakens to the awareness that consciousness is breathingyou as part of the divine law. 

“I AM because we are” (Ubuntu), takes on greater meaning. In this conscious awareness, you and humanity are One and cannot be separated. A universal truth is immutable; we either live in harmony or disharmony, thus reaping the benefits of our actions.

Chambers guides readers to step outside the confines of the rational mind to see with clarity using the Socratic principle to establish truth in THEOism, as he did in his first book God vs. Judaism & Christianity (2011). 

Developing the art of questioning everything gives the seeker the tools to critically examine information which will form the basis of his knowledge and growth leading to spiritual development and self-mastery.

In The Sage Within (2012), Chambers examines the inner power of the Sage to develop alchemical mastery and to manifest one's destiny through the varied experiences of Goddess Farinah, the only female Sage in the fabled Village of Watanama. 

THEOism offers the reader the opportunity to rise above personal limitations and experience the world as a creator, with limitless potentiality.

Twenty-first-century thinking is challenged and advanced by Chambers’ unrelenting quest to push the envelope of unconventional thinking to uncover the Cosmic Laws of Nature which is our internal guide.

The enlightened being, living from the inside out, effortlessly makes his mark on life by allowing his/her Ancestors to come to life through the DNA. 

Chambers, the visionary thinker, reveals the keys to unlocking the universe within the pages of this seminal book which should be in every home, school, and public libraries.

Sharon Parris-Chambers
Coach, Author, Speaker

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