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Sunday, March 28, 2021, enjoying the 6:30 am Sunrise in Lucea, Jamaica. 

If humans are truly made-up of approximately 37.2 trillion cells, then, when scientists or curious individuals exam the structure of cells under a microscope, what is happening in reality, is Cells (humans) examine themselves.    

I am going to make the audacious statement that 90% or more of humans living on planet earth are not conscious of the fact that we are floating in space, and by that fact, we adhere to the laws of the Cosmos.

Humans are approximately 62% water and about 16% protein.  We are also made-up of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and other minerals. That means that we are a micro-world unto ourselves. 

Many of my Ancient Ancestors have shared with me what they learned during their various stages of evolution, from their existence as Pure Potentiality, to their Transient Vacation on Planet Earth, to their seamless integration back into the world of Pure Potentiality.

What was made clear to me is that man’s so-called earthly material success is nothing but an illusion that robs the majority of us from truly enjoying and experiencing our Transient Vacation On Planet Earth.

Regardless of who created COVID-19, it is an Earthly RESET that only affects human, and to prove that modern human is way out of touch with our Ancient Ancestors who understood and revered mother Earth named Gaia.  Our rebellious behavior is focused on when can we go back to enjoying our BMW sitting in the garage?  When can I wear my designer's outfit?  When can I travel and have the party time of my life?  When can I invite my friends to enjoy my six-bedroom brand new home?  Thus, the material world continues to have priority over our well-being.

During COVID-19, no one wants to have a conversation about the role fast-food plays in our weak immune system.  No one is seriously admitting that our diet is the cause of an overweight population that makes them prime candidates for underlining medical issues.

The average person refuses to understand that getting their daily Sunbath is vital to their good health.  If that is true, then asking people to stay inside will compromise their immune system by not able to produce vitamin D, which is naturally produced when we interact with the Sun. 

Please understand that since the existence of humans on planet earth, COVID-19 is the first earthly catastrophe that is affecting all four corners of planet earth simultaneously. 

COVID-19 is turning our financial system into the most sophisticated digital world. The days of forming long lines to deposit and withdraw funds are gone, never to come back.

Zoom conferences are here to stay.  Smartphones will evolve as the sole means by which all transactions will be done. 

Near Field Communication (NFC) is whereby you put your phone close to the payment device and in seconds, payment is complete.

Today, we are all complaining that our calls are dropping because our providers are oversubscribed due to the pandemic in part caused by the increased use of the smartphone as the only means of communication.

Because of the above truth, indirectly we are asking for the same thing we are rejecting, 5G technology. LoL

Without 5G technology, we will continue to experience dropped calls and freezing Zoom meetings. 

Because of the pandemic, major department stores are closed forever, and fortune 500 companieshave adopted the working from home system.  You guessed it right, they are all building their real estate in the cyber world.

COVID-19 has caused eCommerce to skyrocket through the roof.  The Cyber World is here to stay and 5G speed is the only thing that can make it work smoothly until a new means is discovered.

Some have the absolute right to call COVID-19 fake, man-made, an infection, a germ, gene therapy, and by any other means they desire, it does not change the fact that COVID-19 is a global reset. 

This world pandemic is giving telemedicine a powerful boost. It is highlighting the importance for us to deal with climate changes. It is giving planet earth breeding space from our industrial polluted manufacturing system.

COVID-19 is cleansing the world of businesses that were barely holding on, and opening opportunities for more creative and innovative-minded entrepreneurs.

Banks are now moving away from paper money to digital economy which is going to be a blessing to our rainforest because we no longer would need to destroy trees in order to create paper, so we can print paper money. 

When this pandemic is under control, we are going to see a boom in the travel and tourism industries, never seen before on planet earth. 

Some brick-and-mortar stores will come back because we humans love to go shopping with friends and family.  We will not miss Black Friday for all the tea in China. 

Look out for the music world to come back with revenge. 

The greatest change I am predicting is the surge in recycling due to the limited resources left inside of mother earth. 

Africa is uniting internally to control its resources, therefore, cheap labor is of the past.  The United States US$ 15.00 per hour minimum wage is going to cause prices to go up.

COVID-19 is a double-sided coin.  One side list all the deaths, human pains, loss of relationships, and every other catastrophe any human could experience, while the other side of the coin, is full of innovation, lifestyle changes, eCommerce evolution, and great opportunities for our risk-taking young-minded entrepreneurs.

Share with us your COVID-19 experience, good or bad…. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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