The Yin and Yang Spiritual & Corporate Balance

Yin-Yang THEOism Conversations

In order to develop a spiritual and corporate balance in our lives, we need to understand how the two are created and who is responsible for their creation.

Please select below the answer you feel is correct to each of the following 12 (twelve) questions


Nature-Based products are elements that man cannot create from anything.

Man-made products are created by manipulating and reconfiguring Nature-Based Products.

  • Nature-Based Creation vs Manmade Creation

Based on your answers to the above questions, I hope you are able to see a complete separation of the origin of that which is Nature-Based creation, and those that are manmade.

Please note that all Nature-Based creations affect all creations on planet earth equally.  Nature-Based 

On the other hand, manmade products and services directly related to humans, and many are intended to control and manipulate nature-based creation.

Please note that to date, man is not able to create Nature-Based products.  He has learned how to manipulate Nature-Based elements to create products that never existed before. 

Man cannot create soil, oxygen, water, fire, gas, or any of the other Nature-Based items, but modern-day humans are able to tap into their internal knowledge repository to better understand his own existence and the Cosmos whose elements are responsible for man's creation. 

  • The Rules of Engagement

In order to actively and successfully participate in any financial stock market, real estate, starting or running a business, designing and manufacturing smartphones, TVs, or any other modern technology gadgets, one must read and understand the blueprint of how each of those items is designed, and the various components needed to make each one work.

The same is true about Nature-Based products, we must understand how The Cosmic Force (God) blueprint of creation was designed.,  

It’s unwise to use any of our man-made documented users-guide to understand how Nature-Based Creations are structured.   

Here is a very important point. 

Do not try to use, for example, manmade criminal or judicial laws of the United States, in Germany, England, or the Caribbean.  We must understand how each region's laws are designed and apply to any given situation.

Let us flip the coin for one minute by saying that we cannot take any of Nature’s Laws and Principles and apply them to any manmade creations.

    • Oxymoron - Socratic Question

If we have shown beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Nature-Based creations and manmade based creations are created by two separate sources, and are not applicable across the board, just like oil and water, they cannot be mixed seamlessly.

Then, why do we pray and invoke any deity to help us to achieve our manmade desires, when we know where to go to learn and understand the rules of engagement to master, for example, real estate, starting and running a business, building and applying modern technology?

Even though man is learning and manipulating many Nature-Based creations, including human DNA, it does not change the fact that in the end, man’s manipulation will lead to his self-elimination from planet earth by speeding up his transitory earthly vacation expiration date.

I still have never heard of any human after given birth to a child, followed by a book of instruction coming out of her womb.  A book of instructions stating that that child is a born Christian, Catholic, Jew, Muslim, or Buddhist. 

There was no such book of instructions stating that he or she is a born politician, entrepreneur, leader, or have royal blood running in his or her veins. 

We should never lose the one truth that over the last six million years, no human was able to change their Transitory Earthly Vacation Passport to a Permanent Earthly Residency. 

It is crystal clear that all humans come into existence with a stamp dated expiration transitory passport, and we must learn how to enjoy our vacation while playing the man-made corporate and modern lifestyle.

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