My Thoughts Revealed Through - A One Man Conversation With Myself


Today is 3:50 pm, Saturday, March 27, 2021.  I am sitting at my desk in Lucea, Hanover Jamaica where I am about to have another conversation with myself, or is it the reverse, my Ancestors are about to have a conversation with me?


Over the last couple of weeks, maybe months, I have been watching the energy and vibration in the form of my 23 plus years companion, friend, wife, soulmate, Sharon Parris-Chambers, and I came to the realization that even though we share the same space on a daily basis for almost 24 years, I will never truly know her.

I cannot simultaneously experience her thoughts, her feelings.  I will never know what goes through her mind when she looks at me and smiles.  I have no idea what she is thinking when she walks over to me daily and kisses me on my forehead.

The same is true about me.  She will never experience my experience.  We can try to share and explain our feelings, but nothing can replace live experience.

We are all Boxed into our own world.  We live 24/7 within the walls of our Brain where no other human can experience YET.

There are rumors that one day we will be able to download and upload each other's Brain Content. 

Some may dismiss such possibilities, while I know that this will be possible in the very near future.

When I came to the acceptance that anywhere I go on planet earth, at that exact spot I am standing, there are movies, songs, voices, dancing, commentators to mention a few.  I do know that to be true?  All I need is a decoder in the form of a phone, portable TV, wireless radio, computer etc, and bingo, I can see all those images and hear all those sounds that I could not do with my naked eyes or ears.

There is going to come a time when a man would be able to implant decoders into the human body that will convert today’s invisible images and sounds into a format that the Brain will be able to decipher.   

  • I am amazed when I learned that the average adult human brain has about 100 billion cells, linked by synapses, and each brain cell can connect to tens of thousands of other brain cells.
  • I was not surprised when I also learned that the human body is made up of approximately 37.2 Trillion Cells.

Am I presently truly having a conversation with myself, or, are the Ancestors sharing with me information that only those who were once Transient Earthly Vacationers, and whose passport expired, allowing them to be Seamlessly Integrated Into The Elusive World of Creation?

To understand our Ancestors, we must first understand the living, in order to better comprehend the unknown future.   

History, and our own experience, have revealed that we have among us, philosophers, spiritualists, killers, mentors, nature-minded individuals, environmentalists, liers, cheaters, loving souls, revengeful individuals, to name a few.

If the above statement is true, then, many of our Ancestors who are presently living within each one of us, hidden within our DNA, have those same traits, therefore, we all must be careful which one of our Ancestors we listen to.

Once I decided to map out the type of Earthly Experience I want to experience during my Transient Vacation on Planet Earth, I know which one of the Ancestors in me, I want to listen to.

Trust me, I have had many conversations with some of my revengeful, jealous, vicious Ancestors, and if I did not know who I wanted to be, they would have taken over my entire personality and earthly experience.

The Ancestor that you feed the most, the one you listened to and agreed with, is going to be the one that shapes your Earthly Experience.

You have no idea the battle I have gone through over the last 72 years to keep those vicious, jealous, manipulated Ancestors of mine, out of my daily affairs.  That is why I understand why the world is in such a chaotic state. 

Maybe I am 100% wrong.  There could be a great possibility that individuals are comfortable in continuing their Ancestors' racist beliefs.  Others might enjoy the past Ancestors murderous spree, while others just flow with whichever Ancestor decides to control their personality on any given day.  We call those individuals Split Personality or individuals with multiple personalities.

Let me stop drifting off into many directions, and go back to the Energy and Vibration with whom I share my space for approximately 24 years.

Even though I will never experience her second-by-second internal conversations, I have seen her align herself with some of her great Ancestors who are guiding her daily earthly experience.

Like all of us, sometimes she allows some not welcome Ancestors to get under her skin, but like great warriors, the other Ancestors with whom she is well aquatinted with comes to her rescue, and bring her back to that beautiful loving, caring, nonjudgmental soul.

There is no way to verify the statement I am about to make, but, even though I make the statement that I am Boxed Into My World, and I cannot simultaneously experience what Sharon is experiencing second-by-second, I am convinced that since Energy and Vibration are invisible to the naked human eyes, cells are not Boxed in, therefore, both of our Cells are in daily dialogs unknown to our conscious mind.   The Cells are in touch second-by-second… LoL

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