Human Creation

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“The word of God is the Creation we behold and it is this word, which no human invention can counterfeit or alter, that God speaketh universally to man.” 

Thomas Paine

The conversations we are about to have about human creation is not based on indisputable facts, but on what we presently understand to be truthful. 

Therefore, each of our conversations leaves the door open to be proven wrong with future discoveries.

THEOism accepts that our earthly creator is our mother's egg and father's sperm.

We are not disputing or challenging any religious belief that God is our creator.   

We do not know of any other way humans are made but through the fusion of a mother's egg and father's sperm or In-Vitro-Fertilization.

If the above conversation is true, then it is safe to say that the building blocks of humans are cell based. 

In the same breath, we can also state with absolute truth that our parent's egg and sperm are smaller than a grain of sand, and even though they are invisible to the naked human eyes, they possess all the blueprints and intelligence to create each one of us.

THEOism practitioners believe that the creative intelligence (God) who empowered our parent's egg and sperm with the human creation blueprint, laid out the human creation process, and does not interfere with that process under any circumstance. 

Women are the only carrier and manufacturers of ovum eggs and men of sperm.  To date, there is no other means of creating human eggs and sperms. 

Another truth is childbearing gives birth to the term: parents, mother, father, grandparents. 

As you can see, THEOism is a conversation each one of us should have with ourselves and the world around us in order to understand better; 

    • Who are we? 
    • Why are we here? 
    • From whence we came? 

Where do we think we are going when nature automatically turns off our access to oxygen on the expiration date of our transitory earthly vacation passport?

Tracing, studying and understanding our Ancestral roots through our DNA, is the master key to unlocking the secret inside each of those potential moms (eggs) and Dads (sperms) living within us.

When we study the human creation process, it opens our third (3rd) eye to the truth that we live 24/7 within our body. 

It is our godly obligation to keep our Temple of Inner Peace in optimum condition and to keep our mind-body-soul in perfect synchronization with The Universe Within and the external Laws of Nature.

THEOism conversations free us from any religious, political, and social ideologies by making us examine the raw facts that can be disputed or accepted, without invoking blind faith to accept a conclusion that cannot be proven truthful beyond a reasonable doubt.

To close this conversation, let us agree on one important point, THEOism is an open conversation platform that can be used individually or in a group format.

The essential point about THEOism is that it is non-judgmental. If you follow its conversations or not, it makes no judgment or tries to persuade you in any way, shape, or form. 

You can leave each THEOism conversation and pick up all your religious, political, and social lifestyle you placed on hold while participating in our discussions. 

Your life will be back to normal unless you find THEOism conversations so provocative that you plan to continue to participate in other discussions, or you find it so practical that you are willing to embrace its lifestyle.

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