Introduction To THEOism Q & A

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  • Published: Saturday, 17 October 2020 09:33
  • Written by Theo Chambers
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This introduction to THEOism Q & A was created to prevent future generations from trying to interpret my thoughts to provide more clarity.

Please note that the majority of the Q & A you will be reading will be a One-Man Conversation I am having with my Ancestors who are using this Transitory Earthly Body (ME) to express their bygone experiences, concerns, as well as
declare how they see the future unfolding.

Q & A are spontaneous provocative questions initiated by The Ancestors Within and are not necessary THEOism pure values and beliefs.  

One of the burning questions my Ancestors refused to release is noted below as Sarcastic responses.

*         Questions from our Ancestors

Can anyone truly pinpoint one good thing that African people around the world say that they are thankful to their Colonizers for taking them out of Afrika or for giving them XYZ that really changed their lives positively?

*.        Answers from our Ancestors

Please note that the following answer is in the form of a Sarcastic Question.   

We who have experienced enslavement, and witnessed millions of our Afrikan brothers and sisters die and brutalized by the hands of our colonizers, ask our so-called freed black brothers and sisters who are now living in the global diaspora, how could you honestly adopt a religious doctrine (Christianity) which your colonizers used to enslave you as the True Word of God?

Can you honestly use these words: "Thank You, Colonizers, For Savagely Taking My Great Grandparents (Ancestors) out of Afrika, and giving us your religious doctrine that we now accept as the True Word of God, because if you did NOT rescue us from our Afrikan Religious Doctrines, today, we would still be worshiping those antiquated Afrikan Religious Beliefs.

We the Ancestors would like to know if our Afrikan descendants living in the diaspora feel that their explorer (Christianity doctrine) is superior to the Indigenous African practices to the point that they are willing and ready to adopt their colonizer's Modus Operandi by suppressing their Ancestors African Religious and Spiritual Cultures and replacing them with their colonizer's Christian doctrine?

Wow, what a big relief my Ancestors have taken off my chest, after writing those few last lines.  You would not understand how I am feeling at the present moment.  I followed their instructions and they rewarded me with some Internal Peace.

I am closing this Q & A knowing that this is only a temporary relief, because, the Ancestors will be back sooner than I expect with a lot more provocative Qs & As.